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Timken Community Center

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SCOA Timken Community Center June 2018 (PDF)

Timken Community Center June 2018 Calendar (PDF)

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  1. Community Center
  2. Computer Lab
  3. Fitness Center
  4. Fitness Trail
  5. Indoor Fitness Equipment
  6. Interior Kitchen
  7. Large Meeting Room / Classroom
  8. Medium Meeting Room / Classroom
  9. Multipurpose Room
  10. Recreation Program Site
  11. Restrooms
  12. Summer Camp Site
  13. Wedding / Party Site
The Timken Community Center, a VSP Center, is managed by the Spartanburg County Parks Department. The facility, opened in 2014, contains:

  • Activity Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Conference Room
  • Fitness Center, open 24/7
  • 2 Multipurpose Rooms
  • Kitchen


The center offers recreation programs for all ages and memberships are available for the fitness center. The center is also available to rent for special events.

Visit the Timken Community Center Facebook page or see recreational classes available.

Contact 864-406-0726 for more information.