Tyger River Access Points

The Tyger River Foundation (TRF) has embarked on a long-term initiative to develop conservation, education, and recreation assets along the Tyger River. TRF opened the Tyger 10 Nature Park to the public in 2012 and has begun the process of acquiring other riverfront property (the Pickett property) adjacent to Tyger 10 for future development. Spartanburg County assisted in this effort with a $60,000 grant to TRF in FY14. TRF also has completed an easement with the SJWD water district for public access to Berry’s Pond, a project which will be assisted, in the form of maintenance support, by the Spartanburg County Parks Department. The Spartanburg County Parks Department also intends to assist TRF in developing a South Carolina Department of Natural Resources grant application for a boater access point near Dorman High School. TRF is in the process of developing a master plan for development of the properties within its project area. 

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