Vision and Values

Our Vision

Spartanburg County Parks Department facilities and programs will be fun, safe, legally compliant, and family-friendly—offering both active and passive recreation opportunities—to promote an active, healthy lifestyle for people of all ages and abilities.

Our Values

We will provide safe, well-managed, family-friendly facilities and programs to help our customers enjoy a better quality of life. We will recognize and celebrate our professional achievements.

We will actively assess the needs and desires of our customers to design facilities, programs, and services that meet or exceed their expectations.

We will treat our customers and each other with courtesy and respect.

We will seek out opportunities to partner with other public and private community organizations to broaden and improve our community’s parks and recreation opportunities. We will involve ourselves in worthwhile projects and programs. We will focus on getting things done, not claiming credit.

We will follow the laws and regulations that apply to our department. We will be good stewards of the public’s financial and material resources. We will maintain high standards of ethical and professional conduct. We will accomplish what we promise.

We will hire employees who understand that public service is more than just a job. We will encourage ongoing professional development. We will document procedures and provide training so that our employees can understand expectations. We will measure our performance and draw improvement lessons from analyzing our operations. We will value each other and solve problems through teamwork. We will never be satisfied with doing things “the way they’ve always been done.”