50+ Wellness

Players over 50 playing tennis

Aging Population

Yesterday, 10,000 baby boomers turned 65. That will happen tomorrow and the day after that and every single day until the year 2030. In Spartanburg County, within 10 years more than 25% of the population will be at least 65 years old. Regardless of age, recreation and leisure are vital to one's well being. Older adulthood opens up many opportunities to try new things. 

Benefits of Joining Programs

This is the time that 50 and older citizens can devote more time, energy, and money to their own interests and can devote their time to worthwhile community services. 50 and older wellness programs also enhance independence. Participation in wellness activities keeps the mind sharp and challenged, keeps older adults social and attached to society, and keeps their bodies active and engaged. Recreation participation in older adulthood can be the difference between watching life tick away or grabbing life and making the most of every day.