Staff Directory

Administrative Team

Services include providing oversight and administrative support to all divisions within the Department, project planning and management, grant writing and fundraising. A focus for the division is on community partnerships, collaboration and developing an effective and efficient infrastructure plan.

  1. Kevin Stiens

    Phone: 864-804-5599

  1. Jon Woodsby

    Deputy Director
    Phone: 864-804-5815

  1. Kristen Guilfoos

    Marketing Manager
    Phone: 864-494-1801

  1. Mike Nation

    Senior Project Manager
    Phone: 864-804-5816

  1. Jenn Ellis

    Project Manager
    Phone: 864-612-8094

  1. Amy Roberts

    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 864-804-5819

Park Maintenance Team

Services include grounds maintenance, building maintenance, playground maintenance, park safety, and management of department vehicles and equipment.

  1. Sean Veilleux

    Maintenance Manager
    Phone: 864-384-3435

  1. Justin Raney

    Assistant Maintenance Manager
    Phone: 864-706-3784

  1. Ron Ballard

    Park Maintenance Supervisor - South
    Phone: 864-384-3784

  1. Eric McCall

    Park Maintenance Supervisor - North
    Phone: 864-680-1936

  1. Justin Jones

    Park Maintenance Supervisor - Tyger River
    Phone: 864-381-4623

Park Operations Team

Services include the recruitment and management of sports tourism related events, liaison to local youth athletic associations, programming of adult sports leagues, youth sports camps and special events, as well as providing oversight for scheduling rentals of picnic shelters and athletic fields.

  1. Trey Glover

    Park Operations Manager
    Phone: 864-804-5818

  1. Gary Williams

    Assistant Park Operations Manager
    Phone: 864-804-5559

  1. Robby Anders

    Athletic Coordinator
    Phone: 864-804-5557

  1. Karli Taylor

    Athletic Coordinator
    Phone: 864-804-5558

  1. Christy Blackwood

    Park Operations Coordinator
    Phone: 864-804-5814

  1. Darrell Young

    Site Coordinator II
    Phone: 864-804-5598

  1. Kyle Hardin

    Site Coordinator II
    Phone: 864-804-0190

  1. Darian Pridham

    Site Coordinator II
    Phone: 864-804-0797

Recreation Team

Services include youth recreation programs, outdoor recreation programs, senior recreation programs, recreation center management, and recreation center programming, as well as special event management for the department.

  1. Kristie Oliver

    Recreation Manager
    Phone: 864-346-4931

  1. Rebekah Morgan

    Assistant Recreation Manager
    Phone: 864-381-4084

  1. Elise Gosnell

    Recreation Coordinator II - Youth Development
    Phone: 864-804-5502

  1. Bates McKinney

    Recreation Coordinator II - 50+ Wellness
    Phone: 864-804-5813

  1. Michael King

    Recreation Coordinator - Cleveland Park
    Phone: 864-562-4150

  1. Chris Spencer

    Recreation Coordinator - Outdoor Recreation
    Phone: 864-398-6708

  1. Currently Vacant

    Site Coordinator II - TW Edwards Center
    Phone: 864-381-5005

  1. John Clark

    Site Coordinator II - Cleveland Park
    Phone: 864-562-4150

  1. Korey Manley

    Recreation Coordinator - Woodruff Leisure Center
    Phone: 864-476-7967

  1. Caroline Nyvall

    Recreation Coordinator - Youth Development
    Phone: 864-472-3634

  1. Tamika Pollard

    Recreation Coordinator - Youth Development
    Phone: 864-472-3634

  1. Cheryl McIntyre Brown

    Recreation Coordinator - Chesnee Community Center
    Phone: 864-237-8570

  1. McKinsey Fortenberry

    Recreation Coordinator - Timken Community Center
    Phone: 864-406-0726

  1. Sydney Garrison

    Site Coordinator II - 50+ Wellness
    Phone: 864-804-5813

  1. Vicky Venth

    Recreation Coordinator - Woodruff Leisure Center
    Phone: 864-476-7967

  1. Lizzie Staggs

    Site Coordinator - Inman Recreation Center
    Phone: 864-472-5162