Community Centers and Recreation Centers

Community Centers

Boiling Springs Community Center (Located in Boiling Springs)

C.C Woodson Community Center (Located in the City of Spartanburg)

T.W. Edwards Center (Located in Pacolet)

Woodruff Leisure Center (Located in Woodruff)

Chesnee Community Center (Located in Chesnee) VSP Center

Timken Community Center (Located in Cowpens) VSP Center

Northwest Community Center (Located in the City of Spartanburg)

Upstate Family Resource Center (Located in Boiling Springs)

Middle Tyger Community Center (Located in Lyman)

Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers are open part-time, for scheduled programs only.

Inman Recreation Center (Located in Inman)

Tyger River Park Clubhouse (Located in Duncan)

Cleveland Park Event Center (Located in the City of Spartanburg)

Lake Cooley Outdoor Education Center