Pacolet Geotrail

Pacolet is a place that moves you. It is a place where the Pacolet River meanders over its shoals, bringing with it the pride of the past and the promise of the future.

Let our rivers move you. The shoals and falls along the Pacolet, the Lawson’s Fork, and their tributaries were once the hunting lands of Native Americans dating back nearly 5000 years. Today you can float these rivers and see a landscape that is both beautiful yet touched by centuries of human habitation.

Let our trails move you. Revolutionary War soldiers carved paths that crossed this area in their fight for American Independence. Today you can bike back roads, walk trails, and delve deep into the forests where generals and soldiers once camped and planned for our nation’s freedom.

 Let our stories move you. Industrial pioneers harnessed these same rivers to power mills that would make our region of South Carolina a capital of the textile industry. You can explore the communities that were built here and see that still today they offer a unique glimpse at small town life.

Let our people move you. The trails, the rivers, the towns and the stories come together through the warmth of our people. Exploring the River Valley Passage is more than a journey to a place; it is an exploration of the strength and resilience of people working together.

Pacolet is a place where you can experience a unique blend of history, culture and progress. Revitalization can be seen all around. Industrial growth, new power plants, retail shops, community pride and the recreation benefits of the Pacolet River paddling trail are just a few signs that, just like the river, Pacolet is full of promise and full of life.

Geocaching the Pacolet Trail Instructions

Complete the geotrail by finding 12 of the 16 caches located on the back side of this sheet, drawing the accompanying picture and logging your finds at Each registered cacher completing the Geocaching the Pacolet trail will receive a limited edition, trackable geocoin while supplies last.

 To redeem geocoin:

PDF logo Download Pacolet Geocaching worksheet.

Hand deliver completed worksheet to:

Pacolet Town Hall
180 Montgomery Ave
Pacolet (M-F 9a to 5p)

 or to

Pacolet Library
390 W Main St, Pacolet
(M, Tu 10a-8p, W,Th,F 10a-6p, Sa 12p-4p)

 or mail completed worksheet to:

Town of Pacolet
PO Box 700
Pacolet, SC 29372