Spartanburg County Parks works with the Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau to aggressively recruit youth sports tournaments to drive economic impact. From the opening of  the 13-field Tyger River Park in March 2012 through December 2013, youth sports tourism has provided an economic impact to the Spartanburg community of more than $26 million.

During this period, facilities owned or managed by the Spartanburg County Parks Department have hosted more than 100 tournaments, sanctioned by a number of organizations such as the National Softball Association, the Amateur Softball Association, and United States Sports Specialty Association.

To date, we have focused on baseball and softball tournaments, but are in the process of making improvements to several facilities in order to allow Spartanburg County to compete for the right to host youth lacrosse, football, and soccer tournaments, as well as disc golf tournaments.

We have built a strong tournament support organization, including the City of Spartanburg, non-profit agencies, and community volunteers. Many teams have left Spartanburg unhappy over losses, but almost everyone leaves Spartanburg with fond memories. We’re already experiencing repeat tournament business.

Some of our parks were built with the specific intent of attracting youth sports tournaments to generate economic impact for Spartanburg County. Therefore, the Spartanburg County Parks Department works with the Convention and Visitors Bureau to recruit and schedule those tournaments that are in the best interest of Spartanburg County. No tournament organizer is provided exclusive use of a tournament facility.

In making choices between organizers that are competing for use of available tournament facilities, the Spartanburg County Parks Department uses the following criteria to determine which tournaments are in the best interests of Spartanburg County:

  • Will the sanctioning organization of the tournament offer Spartanburg County the opportunity to host national-level tournaments?
  • Does the tournament organizer have a demonstrated history of producing well-organized, financially successful tournaments within a 100-mile radius of Spartanburg County?
  • Does the tournament organizer have the ability to produce tournaments that will draw teams from multiple states?
  • Does the sanctioning organization have a demonstrated history of working effectively in partnership with the Spartanburg County Parks Department?

If you are interested in bringing a youth sports tournament in Spartanburg County, contact Trey Glover at or by phone at (864) 804-5818.  Also, take a look at our premier tournament facility, Tyger River Park, by visiting

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